The small Sri Lankan American community lives scattered around the State of Florida.  In the early days many in this community organized picnics or gatherings to extend a sense of fellowship and goodwill.  This was the modus operandi to introduce new residents of this community to the existing members in each city.  However, there was major gap in Sri Lankans from different cities getting to know each other. 

In 1995  first quadrangular tournament was held at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach. This was the first event where Sri Lankans from different parts of the state got together under the guise of the Sri Lankan Cricket Quadrangular.  The original members of this community sponsored trophies as a way of encouragement to the spirit of fellowship.

This tournament which was played with tennis ball had children and ladies playing for some teams.  The people from West Palm Beach hosted a great tournament, and organized lunch consisting of many Sri Lankan delicacies.  Subsequently Orlando, Tampa and Miami hosted each of the quadrangular respectively. 

Though the cricket tournament was successful, there was a vacuum for those who did not do participate in the game or become active “cheerleaders”.  To address that issue some cities conducted children’s events or tennis games.

The cricket tournament created a sense of competitiveness among the cities the competitive spirit appeared to mask the foundation of fellowship.  A need was felt to get every one  to meet, dine and dance baila in old Sri Lankan way.
Orlando hosted the first get together at Ramada Resort in the new millennium.  The tickets were priced at a low 10 dollars per person with a hotel for 30 dollars per room.  The later years Tampa, Miami and West Palm Beach followed to host the events in rotation.
We wish to extend our sincere gratitude for the hard work and sleepless nights that the small Sri Lankan community in Florida is devoting towards this event. 

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